Pink Mold – All you need to Know

27 Dec

If you have heard about molds then you should know that the pink mold is not very common and therefore most of the time people becomes confused about the necessary action they need to take about molds. The pink mold looks pink but it is not actually a mold. It is a type of bacteria that is straight from the source looks like slime. It is known as SerratiaMarcescens. The pink mold sometimes looks orange color. So if you saw anything slimy in your house which looks pink or orange, you might have a pink mold in your house. This bacteria grows in damp and moisturized area. The most common part of the house to get pink mold is the bathrooms. Usually, it grows on the tiles but it can grow on walls too. It is not necessary that you will have only pink molds. You can also get white and grey mold with pink mold too.

Dangers from Pink Mold

Molds are dangerous and can cause a health threat to the people living in nearby areas. Apart from being embarrassed in front of the guests visiting the house, molds can cause respiratory diseases, inflammation in the lungs, lungs bleeding. It can also cause allergic reactions, coughing, rashes etc. And if it stays for a long time then it can trigger cancer-related symptoms. Also,the mold is the reason for having urinary infection, nausea, diarrhea, pneumonia etc. For small children and elderly people, the pink mold is very dangerous. So prevention is the best approach. However, even if mold attacks, it is necessary to clean the mold as soon as possible.

Finding Pink Mold

Finding pink mold might sound difficult but it is actually very easy. It starts with some small dots. So you should regularly check the moist areas for small dots. If you see that small dots are arriving, then you can call for help. Within a few days, pink mold will grow big before you can imagine. So it is better not to take any chances. Calling a professional is the best solution because professionals are experienced and therefore guarantees a complete removal.

Pink Mold Removal

Pink molds can also be treated with home-made remedies. Pink molds can appear in any kind of surfaces. But the most common is that it will appear on wall tiles or shower curtains. You need to prepare based on the mold area and size.

A mask, gloves,and goggles are some necessary things you need to wear to avoid contact with the bacteria. You can try using 4 part baking soda with 1 part of detergent to make and paste and apply it on the pink mold. After letting the paste sit for a while scrubbing the paste from the tiles. Then you need to make a solution of 1 part vinegar and 1 part water. Then you need to apply the solution to the area. To wash pink mold from curtains, you need to use warm water to wash the curtains with detergent and an equal amount of baking soda.

This way you can remove mold from your house.

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